We approach home care a little differently. That's why we're partnering with the American Red Cross to help reduce home fire fatalities and injuries, particularly among at-risk senior adults. Because we're in thousands of homes everyday providing care, we recognized an opportunity to partner with the Red Cross to educate our patients about home fire safety and provide working smoke alarms. We are an important part of the solution to make homes safer, and we're making a big difference in reducing home fire tragedies.

Here's how:

We ensure there are working, well-maintained smoke alarms installed properly throughout the home.


We notify the Red Cross if new smoke alarms are needed or existing smoke alarms require maintenance.

We work with our in-home patients to complete a custom home fire safety checklist.

We work with our in-home patients to create a home fire escape plan that identifies safe exit from a burning home.

Almost Family and the American Red Cross: A Partnership to Save Lives

Together we can make a real difference.


Progress So Far

Launched in 2014, the American Red Cross has already accomplished so much through the Home Fire campaign.

Lives Saved

In the last three years, the home fire campaign has saved a total of 268 lives.

Smoke Alarms Installed

Across the country, the Red Cross has been able to install 886,823 smoke alarms.

Homes Made Safer

There have been a combined total of 368,012 households made safer through the home fire campaign efforts.

Making A Difference In Our Communities

Almost Family has contributed to those Red Cross numbers with our unique and innovative inclusion of the home fire safety program in the services we provide in our patient’s homes

Our Patients' Homes Made Safer

In 2016, Almost Family provided fire safety education to over 6,080 patient homes across Louisville. By working with our patients to ensure they are well-informed about fire safety, we help to make each home safer.

Our Patients' Homes with Alarms Installed

Out of those 6,080+ homes served, Almost Family has identified 800 patient homes that have lacked working smoke alarms.

Total Alarms Installed

Through Almost Family alerting and working with the Red Cross, all of those homes received the smoke alarms they needed. The Red Cross installed a total of 2,216 smoke alarms in the 800 identified homes.